26 Completely Ridiculous Things You Stress About When You Suffer From Anxiety — Thought Catalog

Twenty20, punkcake__ 1. Hanging out with one of your close friends that you should be completely comfortable around. But for some reason, you’re still worried you’ll run out of things to talk about and bore them to death. 2. Walking up to a register to pay. And then struggling to shove your change in your wallet before the…

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My Body Image Hurdle

Clearly it has been a while since I wrote. Life you know? But I decided that it was time to get back on this site and write down a few things every…month? We can go with that. This time I … Continue reading

My Diva Adventure

Hey there ladies…no “and gents” here today. I want to talk about something that I never really thought I would talk about publicly, let alone a pretty detailed discussion about. Something that I have been dealing with monthly my whole … Continue reading

Finding My Light

Today I have decided to do another piece about being thankful, but this one is not a list. It is on one aspect of my life that I never thought would bring me out of a dark place. So let … Continue reading

Wildest Dreams

She shut the door quietly as she left. Wasn’t worth waking him up. It’s not like they were going to see each other again. Her younger sisters wedding had been lovely. Really it had been, even if she hadn’t been … Continue reading

Five Things I JUST. DON’T. GET!

You know when there are things that you just don’t understand? Those things that no matter how many times some one tries to get it though your skull, you just don’t want to understand. Sometimes you just don’t want to … Continue reading

Sorry for My Absence.

Dear Everyone who Follows this blog.

I have to say that I am so sorry for my writers block. Lately I can honestly say that I have had nothing good come to the old noggin, but I am trying to get that out of my system. Tomorrow, do or die, I plan to write a blog post on something. Really anything at this point. I just don’t know exactly what on. So I have asked once and of course I will ask again! If anyone has any ideas on a post they would like to hear about, or a story or something for me to write, that would be great. Vacation for me is over, and I would like to get back to writing so that it doesn’t become just a pastime that I once loved.

Thank you all!

Why Not Having Mom When You Are Sick Is The Worst

So last week, I got sick. It was awful and I hated it. I mean, getting sick isn’t a great time anyway, and working in an profession with a lot of children, I would expect nothing else but to get … Continue reading