Thank you for the Bad Times

It always takes a moment doesn’t it? To realize that your life is pretty amazing. I mean, if you have people who love you or you have something that you wake up for in the morning, then you are pretty lucky. You don’t need everything, like money or fame, to be happy, just some sort of inner peace that will allow you to be happy with what you have in your life.
But also I realized as of late, that it is the hard times that make you appreciate your life even more. The times that you didn’t think were easy, or even questioned yourself as a person. Those were the times that I want to talk about today. Not even to talk about, but to be grateful for. I want to thank all those moments in my life, where things got hard, because it made me a better person.

So thank you:

  • to the car who hit me two years ago. I thought that my little fender would upset my family so much. But the first thing they asked was,”Are you ok?”. It showed me that in a moment you everything can change, but as long as I’m not harmed, then everything will be alright in the end.
  • to the time when I was ten and my dad was sent to Washington for a year, and then Afghanistan ten years later. Now I know that even if someone is far from me, that doesn’t mean that they are gone, and I can get through those tough times.
  • when I decided to quit the volleyball team in college. It wasn’t my best moment, and I know a few people in my family weren’t too happy about it, but in the end they still loved me regardless of my choices.
  • When I did horrible on my first few teaching tests and thought that I wouldn’t become a teacher. Not only did that cause me to work harder to pass those tests, but it also solidified the idea that I wanted to do this. I wasn’t going to give up on a job that would make me happy.
  • When I was actually fighting with my parents in general. Those times were never fun, and honestly half of the arguments were my fault, but it taught me about a healthy relationship. You are supposed to fight a little sometimes. It makes you understand that person, and in the end love them more.
  • to the time I wasn’t allowed to go to the circus for talking back to my mother. I said something really nasty, and I wasn’t allowed to go. And I thank her for that, because now I know how important respect is and what will happen if you are disrespectful to someone. Especially your parents.
  • to the time I was homesick in England. It caused me to try and go out as much as I could to forget about the pain. It was very hard not to be in a familiar place, but after it was all said and done, the experience was everything I needed.
  • to when I was heartbroken a year ago today. It changed for the better that I didn’t even know existed. I am not only stronger, but a  better person because of it. I know that it may hurt, and it will be awful, but I will live. And I will know who I am and what type of positive person I will become from it.
  • And finally, thank you for all those little meltdowns and upset moments I had in my life. From the needed, to the unnecessary, because it showed me that I have people who love and care about me. They will be there in a heartbeat, and I know that my life is worth so much more than any money could buy.


So take a moment and thank those bad moments in your life, because they do help shape who you become, and they highlight how wonderful your life truly can be.


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